A maintenance worker pressure washing a deck to a lakehouse


A home is one of your largest assets and preventative maintenance is key to preserving and protecting that investment. Our beautiful coastline is one of the harshest environments for a home. Without proper maintenance, a coastal home will degrade and lead to bigger headaches down the road. At Island Home & Estate Management, we can create and implement a customized maintenance plan for your home to help you avoid more significant repairs down the road.

What Does Maintenance Involve?

As part of our maintenance programs, we keep a close eye on the exterior and interior of your property and adopt different approaches depending on what is needed. Our team will clean up debris accumulation, conduct material checks, and handle any minor repairs throughout the property.

Why is a Maintenance Plan Important?

There are many practical and aesthetic benefits to regularly scheduled property maintenance. We can eliminate corrosive elements from the exterior of your home and keep the grounds in excellent condition. Maintenance also means conducting all those small, neglected repairs that can start adding up and lead to much larger issues later. This means saving you time, money, and stress.

What are Some of Our Maintenance Services?

  • Liquid Wax Protection (preventative maintenance from salt corrosion) and quarterly protection of all exterior metal surfaces
  • Exterior window cleaning to abate salt and calcium buildup preventing glass etching
  • Vehicle and vessel maintenance: cleaning, detailing, coordinating service and repairs
  • Monitor necessary vessel & vehicle maintenance including registration and insurance

Are You Looking for a Customized Maintenance Plan for Your Property in South Florida?

Trust the experts at Island Home & Estate Management to keep your property in excellent condition year-round. If you want to learn more, get in touch with our office today!