Home Watch

Home watch services are essential if you own a property in Florida, especially one that remains vacant for several months out of the year. Anything can happen at any time. If you have a professional you can trust keeping an eye on your home, you gain the peace of mind that even in the most extreme cases, you’ll have someone ready to respond. Allow the team at Island Home & Estate Management to put your mind at ease with a customized home watch plan designed for you.

What is Home Watch?

Home watch services are regularly scheduled inspections of an occupied or vacant property. These inspections can be done solely for security purposes; however, most commonly, home watch is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the home.

What is Included with Our Home Watch Services?

With Island Home & Estate Management, you gain access to complete home watch and concierge services. Not only do we do recurring property checks, but we also keep an eye for signs of damage and make notes of any part of the property that needs repair. Thanks to our comprehensive management services, if we find a problem, we can also offer a solution on the spot.

What are the Benefits of Home Watch Services?

  • Encounter issues before they worsen
  • Avoid high costs of repairs
  • Peace of mind while you are away

Are You Interested in Home Watch Services for Your South Florida Properties?

With decades of experience and a long track record of satisfied clients, you simply can’t go wrong with Island Home & Estate Management. Get in touch today to request a quote!