Maintaining Your South Florida Pool: Routine Care and Seasonal Tips

Keeping your pool properly maintained requires routine care and seasonal adjustments. The right pool maintenance makes your pool an everyday escape for your family.

Follow this guide to learn top tips (and about our expert services) around maintaining your luxury pool in any season.

Daily and Weekly Care 

To keep your pool water clean, sanitized, and inviting, be sure to follow a regular pool maintenance schedule. 

Test and balance the water chemistry on a regular schedule, shooting for ideal pH and chlorine levels. Our pool maintenance partners can handle this testing and chemical balancing for you. Remove any debris with a skimmer net and vacuum the pool weekly to get rid of any accumulated dirt and leaves. 

Our pool maintenance partners will regularly handle the vacuuming, skimming, and any needed brushing of pool surfaces. They'll also need to check equipment like pumps and filters, frequently, for any necessary repairs or replacements.

Seasonal pool tips: Winterizing for the Dry Season

In South Florida's dry winter months, when you likely won't be swimming as often, focus on preventing evaporation and keeping chemicals balanced. Lower the water level, run pumps and filters less, and use a pool cover. 

Our partners’ technicians can winterize the pump and filtration system, and install a sturdy mesh safety cover over the pool to keep out debris while allowing rainwater to pass through.

Monitor chlorine, closely, as the sun's UV rays dissipate it faster in cooler weather. Shock treat routinely to prevent algae development.

Seasonal pool tips: Prepping for Summer Fun 

Algae prevention remains key also during hot and rainy summer months. Apply algaecide, and continue to monitor chlorine levels. 

Our luxury pool service partners’ crews can check chlorine and pH levels regularly and adjust as needed for summer usage. If you are planning on hosting a crowd for a pool party, request extra testing before and after to keep sanitizer levels ideal.

Here’s a special summer checklist for pool maintenance: 

  • Drain and refill some water if it's getting murky. Clean the filter more often to remove extra debris. 
  • Upgrade to a larger capacity filtration system if you have very high summer usage.
  • Consider installing a heat pump if you want to comfortably take a dip on cooler nights. 

Weathering the Hurricanes

Hurricane season brings unique challenges. 

It is a good idea to install a certified pool cage to prevent damage from debris before storm season hits. 

Draining the pool entirely is a bad idea.  Instead, the ideal approach is to drain the pool to the proper level and shock-treat the water to protect water quality after a storm. 

Ensure pool equipment is wired to switches that can easily be turned off to avoid electrical damage.

After a storm, change the filter, skim thoroughly, and test the water quality before swimming. Our crew can get the pool cleaned up and ready for use again after the storm passes.

Use Automation For Optimal Care

To keep your pool gorgeous even with fluctuating weather and frequent use, consider installing automation features and opting for a weekly pool service. 

Automated chemical dispensers, pH controllers, and chlorinators can be programmed to consistently maintain proper water balance year-round. 

We oversee vendors who handle installing and programming these automation systems.

With the right care, your pool will provide a refreshing escape in any season.

Experience 5-Star Resort Style Pool Care

With a routine seasonal swimming pool upkeep plan handled by professionals, you can relax knowing your private oasis will continue providing the ultimate backyard relaxation and fun with family and friends. 

At Island Home and Estate Management, our trusted partners of pool maintenance experts provide personalized, premier care for your backyard oasis.

We will oversee:

  • Regular maintenance services like testing water chemistry, vacuuming, and more. 
  • Seasonal preparation - from winterizing pumps to installing hurricane protection. 
  • Installation and management of automation systems.
  • Skilled troubleshooting and repairs by licensed technicians.

Island Home and Estate Management brings resort-style pool service right to your home here on gorgeous South Florida’s shores. 

We’ll keep your pool sparkling, sanitary, and always ready for fun – so you can simply relax and enjoy it anytime with family and guests.

Our expertise goes beyond caring for just your pool and spa. 

We provide premier service for maintaining your entire luxury property and grounds. This includes upkeep of landscaping, outdoor living areas, home maintenance, home watch, and more.

Contact us today to discuss comprehensive care that keeps your entire estate guest-ready year-round.